Submitting Objections


The new planning application was validated on 25 January 2016.

We have until 4 March 2016 to submit comments/objections the the Planning Authority.


The Planning Authority have started a consultation process and will be waiting for responses from organisations affected by or responsible for aspects of the proposal.


There are three ways to submit your views

Which ever one you choose you, must include your full name and address. Comments received will be placed on the Derbyshire County Council Planning website along with all the other documents relating to planning application CM4/1215/125. You should indicate whether you wish your name and address to be included. In any event they will not include your email address, telephone number or signature.

1 By letter

Address your letter to:

Strategic Director of Economy, Transport and Environment
Derbyshire County Council
Shand House
Dale Road South
Derbyshire DE4 3RY

Put the application code (CM4/1215/125) at the top left of the envelope.

Head your letter: Objection to planning application CM4/1215/125

Don’t forget to include your full name and address and to say whether you want them published.

2 Use the online form

Enter the application code CM4/1215/125 in the Filter this list box…

Click on the Comment on this application link that appears above the details of the application

follow the instructions to fill in the form

3 By email (the easiest way if you have access to a computer)

You can either put you comments in the body of the email or use a word-processor to write a document, save it (preferably as a pdf file) and send it as an attachment to a covering email.

Subject:CM4/1215/125 Hilltop Farm

Don’t forget to include your full name and address and to say whether you want them published.

Planning Committee

We will provide a full list of current  members of the planning committee.

Determination Meeting

This is the meeting of Derbyshire County Council Planning Committee which will receive the report and recommendations of the planning officers. Short representations (3 minutes) will be made by objectors to  (and supporters of!) the application. The committee will then vote on whether to pass or refuse the application.

Prior to the meeting the committee are likely to  make a site visit.

Writing Objections Leaflet

Click here to read the guidance leaflet we produced for submitting objections to the original application. The dates and application code are now out of date (see above) but the rest is still relevant.


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