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No decision this month

The April DCC Planning Committee Meeting has now passed and the Hilltop application was not dealt with. As the application should be dealt with within 16 weeks, the next meeting on Monday 9 May 2016 seems the likely date for a decision.

More problems for Provectus

An objection has been submitted on behalf of the owners of the Incomol yard. Provectus say in their application that this will be their access to the site – off the new roundabout being installed by St Modwen. The objection says that no consultation has taken place between the site’s owner and Provectus regarding this access and they see no reason to agree to such a proposal.

The letter states ‘…it is my client’s opinion that certain detail contained in the Application,  … , could be misleading to the Planning Authority and may not be a deliverable part of the proposed project.’

It looks as though the are going to have problems getting on and off the site!

The DCC Flood Risk Management Team have also raised a number of concerns about the scheme including:

    • an ongoing flooding issue located in the northern part of the proposed development boundary
    • the watercourse (that we identified) located in the centre of the site that has been ignored by Provectus despite it running through the proposed coal processing area.

As soon as we know whether the Hilltop Application is on the agenda for the next meeting we will announce it on this website. At that time we will also have seen the Planning Officers report and will know what their recommendations are.





Objections to new application

We have now submitted a summary of all our objections to the new Provectus Remediation Ltd planning application (CM4/1215/125).

Click here to read the document (very large file – 91 pages)
or here to read the short version (without appendices).

The official closing date for the submission of objections is Friday 4 March 2016, but if you still wish to send in you own objection they will be accepted until 3 days before the application goes before the DCC Planning Committee for a decision.

Provectus put out a statement on their website on 9 February 2016 stating  “…it is hoped that the application will proceed rapidly to determination.

We think that this will happen at the 11 April (or possibly 9 May) planning meeting.

New Application Update

Site Notices have now been put up on telegraph poles around the proposed site and letters sent to residents living nearest to the site boundary giving details of the consultation period.

The notices state that representations should be submitted by 4 March 2016.

However, we understand that all objections submitted to the original application will be carried forward to this new application.

We have now had a good read through all the many documents in the new application and have found no really significant changes. Fortunately Provectus have highlighted all the amendments in red, as they were requested to do, which made the task easier.

Apart from clarification of some anomalies in the previous documents the only real change is the relocation of the site offices to the rear of Hilltop Farm rather than in the Incomol buildings.

Bearing this in mind, there is probably no need for everyone to resubmit objections. However, if you have new concerns or wish to emphasise that your previous objections still stand, you can submit your comments in the same way as before. Also, if you always meant to send in an objection but didn’t get around to it you now have another opportunity.

Click here to see the instructions for submitting objections. (Remember to use the new application code: CM4/1215/125)

We anticipate that the DCC Planning Department will want to process this as quickly as possible. So, unless there are any major problems, the application is likely to be put to the April or possibly May Planning Committee Meeting for a decision.

Don’t forget to use the Have your say page to leave your comments

New planning application submitted

You may have thought that, because everything had gone very quiet in the last few months, nothing more was going to be heard of Provectus and their opencast mining plans.

I’m afraid you were wrong, Provectus Remediation Ltd have at last got around to submitting their revised application.

Back in September it was announced that they were withdrawing their application because of a procedural defect but would immediately re-submit it in essentially the same form, save for the corrected notices and technical updates. (See previous post)

It’s taken them nearly five months to get around to it!

The new application has now been validated and the documents are available on the DCC Planning website (application code: CM4/1215/125).

The Planning Authority are expected to commence a 21 day consultation exercise in the near future (notices will appear on local telegraph poles).

We will be carefully analysing the new application documents in the next few days to see if there are any substantial changes and will then decide whether we need to submit any new objections.

Hopefully the application will now move quickly to being presented to the Planning Committee and a decision finally made.

We will keep you informed of developments.

Application Withdrawn…

…but to be resubmitted straight away!

We recently submitted what we thought were our final objections anticipating that the application would soon be going before the Planning Committee for a decision.

How wrong we were!

On Thursday 3 September Provectus Remediation Ltd announced that they were withdrawing their application because of a procedural defect but would immediately re-submit it in essentially the same form, save for the corrected notices and technical updates.

So we’re nearly back to square one!

We have been assured by the DCC Planning Department that all the objections sent in by Hilltop Action Group and hundreds of local residents will be carried forward to the new application. We do not need to resubmit them.

Provectus Remediation Ltd have been instructed to make clear any significant changes in their resubmitted documents. We will still need to check them carefully.

Once the new application is in, DCC Planning Department will have to go through another publicity and consultation exercise.

The assessment of the application should be carried out within 13 weeks so the December Planning Committee Meeting looks likely.

This all looks like another example of incompetence on the part of Provectus Remediation Ltd.

Article 11 of the Town and Country Planning [Development Management Procedure] [England] Order 2010 requires that  ‘an applicant for planning permission shall give requisite notice of the application to any person (other than the applicant) who on the prescribed date is an owner of the land to which the application relates, or a tenant‘.

In their statement they say that for reasons beyond the control of Provectus some of the notices … had not been served.

Yet the regulations clearly state it is the obligation of the applicant to serve the notices.  If they weren’t served it was because they didn’t do it – they can’t try to put the blame on someone else.

How many more things can they get wrong?

  • Licence for exploratory drilling obtained retrospectively
  • Mineral Application Form incorrectly and misleadingly filled in
  • Out-of-date cross-section diagrams submitted
  • Ignoring the watercourse that runs through the middle of the proposed coal processing area
  • etc, etc

We’ll let you know when the new application is in and whether there appear to be any significant changes to their proposals.

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