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  1. Finally after six long years of objection, the HM inspectorate have finally REJECTED the Hilltop Farm surface coal extraction planning application.. This good news did not come without a great fight from the Hilltop Action Group led by John Gregory, where I am sure the countless hours of forming creditable objections proved the fact that we were in danger from pollution and disruption should the plan be granted, having read these objections I am sure as you must be, they have had an factual influence on the eventual outcome . so a big THANK YOU must be said to all involved ..ps .. it would be nice to have a gathering at some time in the future,,now we have a reason to celebrate !!

  2. So we have the right decision at last after a long fight. John Gregory has been the fighting force behind this fight and he deserves the whole community’s thanks for doing such a brilliant job.
    Thank you John.

  3. Amazing news John and everyone on Hilltop Action Group. I’ve been following this for the last 4 years over here in Dubai. Although, I’m obviously a long way away this has always been in my thoughts and we have always loved the community. I’m so proud to have been a small part of HAG in the beginning but the main fight has been down to all of you. So, so happy!!

  4. You may think it will make no difference if you do not attend this public enquiry, and that my friends is just what Provectus want you to think . Tomorrow is the last day you can go and listen to the apalling proposals of this planning application, that will effect your lives if its given the approval. You can also hear the objections from your councils our community and re development proposers who all have spoken well on your behalf . However in the last nine days I have not seen anything like the support that marched along the A61, and the local meetings held in protest..the effect this had on the community was a wake up call that began a great protest..Now on the last day ..if you care for the future of this area get up and go , but do not moan to anyone if you dont, and the result goes against our efforts to stop it ..ITS UP TO YOU NOW . get up.. and show your protest before its to late.

    1. Unfortunately you’ve missed it.

      The barristers for Provectus Remediation Ltd, Derbyshire County Council and St Modwen gave their summing up speeches this afternoon.

      HM Planning Inspector has now gone away to write her report and make her decision on whether or not to grant planning permission.

      We are unlikely to get that decision until well into next year.

  5. Only just found about this. its not on more of the local area being spoilt by big business. totally against. C.harrington Hilcote derbyshire

  6. I would prefer to see the land go for housing rather than a coal mine… which will probably happen afterwards anyway…. I bought my house on going are 4 years ago and had a full mining report and none of this showed up on searches…. I’m waiting to see if I can sue hilltop farm for the detriment this will cause to the peaceful enjoyment of my probably devalued home.

  7. I am very pleased to inform you Lee Rowley MP for N.E Derbyshire is lending his support in objection to this planning proposal . Westminster duties allowing he intends to make a representation to the inspectorate.

  8. The new monthly list from the Planning Inspectorate has now been published but I can’t see the appeal from Provectus listed, can anyone else?
    Perhaps the Inspectorate are waiting for more information from Provectus like D.C.C.!

  9. It would be remiss of me not to say thank you to our local MP Natascha Engel who attended to give us support,along with and others who I did not have the chance to meet and say, thank you ..

  10. At today’s determination meeting in Matlock, a number of people spoke in objection to the Provectus planning application, In deliberation the DCC PA have viewed the application as incomplete, and voted to pass on a REJECT recommendation to the HM Planning Inspectorate, I trust they will see this application is not in the interests of our communities health, our environment welfare, or our regeneration program, It is interesting to note that the Provectus contingent in attendance passed the opportunity to speak in favor of their plan…… Now what does that tell you.!!!.

  11. I wonder if someone could enlighten me as to the current position with a small problem, that, if the coal extraction was to go ahead would inevitably cost ratepayers money.
    As I have always understood there are two quite large water supply pipes crossing the site from North to South and that these are used to transfer large quantities of water between reservoirs. I further understand that in order to facilitate the opencasting these pipes will have to be moved at the water utility’s expense (ratepayers) as they are currently on private land. The last communication that I saw from the Water Authority stated that their preferred route for new pipes or pipe was down the public hihgway (A61)
    Is this correct? Or is this one more catastrophe waiting to happen?

    1. Your understanding re the water pipes is mine too, though why rate payers should subsidize a private company I don’t know, particularly such an incompetent one!
      Regarding the application being decided by the inspectorate. I have always expected this to happen as Provecus was never going to take NO as the answer.
      However, what I do say is that a group of amateurs, ie the Hilltop Action Group proved to be far more professional than Provectus and it as well as other local residents should be proud of their efforts. Whatever happens we didn’t go down without a fight.
      However, I still maintain that Provectus want more than the coal and I’m quite sure that in the fullness of time I will be proved right. Even if they, Provectus do get permission to bespoil our area the fight will not be over as we will have to monitor their every move.
      Well done to everyone.

  12. I have just been looking at NEDC planning website there is screening application for 350 houses on the western edge of coupe lane was that the reason the landowner did not turn up on March 6th

  13. Wow, I can’t believe this has been dragging on for so long!! Surely this cannot be financially viable anymore with the amount of site visits and investigations. Provectus obviously think there is some sort of money in this somewhere and it would be interesting to know how much profit they will make out of this due to the price of coal. This coal going to Drax Power Station would probably be used up in one morning!! It’s just ridiculous and I actually think the longer that this goes on the more of an embarrassment it is for Provectus and it is showing their true colors!!

    1. Almost certainly. Their track record is so poor I don’t know how they had the gall to submit this application in the first place!

  14. “……The secretary of state will normally only do this if the application conflicts with national policy in important ways, or is nationally significant.’

    This statement is on the Planning Inspectorate website. “do this’ refers to calling in an application on local planning for a Government decision which will overrule any local planning decision.
    The Government seem to be actively working to avoid the use of fossil fuels such as coal, so the project would seem to be against National Policy.
    As Provectus are wanting to extract a relatively small amount of coal from the site which, in their words, is only suitable for steam train or domestic use the project would seem to be obviously ‘Not nationally significant’.

    How can we get involved in the Government Planning Inspectorate decision making process to state our case, should it go that far?

  15. 1) No update letter from the Council. Does that mean our previous written objections have been lost/misplaced/don’t count for anything?

    2) Do we need to re-submit those and/or raise new objections?

    3) Lots of new developments since the initial proposals. Do places like ‘Six Halts’, the new owners of ‘The Royal Oak’, the developers of that area and the builders of the 65 new houses on Ashover Road need approaching to add weight to the argument against?

    4) All these new developments are already increasing traffic on the A61. Does that need reviewing/adding to updated objections?

    5) ‘The Avenue’ development will shortly be coming on stream. More traffic and greater urbanisation. Another factor adding to traffic – and more potential objectors?

  16. It looks like Provectus are trying to bypass local planning authorities and press HM Planning Inspectorate to overrule any local objection.
    It has happened before with housing and fracking that HM Planning Inspectorate has approved where local authority has denied planning permission.
    Lets hope they are seen for what they are and planning is refused!!!

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