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  1. I am sure everyone will be pleased to hear that the High Court have in the last few days turned down Provectus Remediation’s claim against Derbyshire Council for return of Planning Fees of £44,752.00 In relation to their failed application to opencast the Hilltop site. Another victory for common sense.

  2. Its now been well over a month since the HM Inspectorate rightly refused the Provectus planning application for Hilltop Farm, following this good news the only course of action that could happen is for them to challenge the decision by taking it to the High Court . On this issue Provectus said they would be making a statement !!, but when !!….. Once again could this be another dragged out delay when informing the public of their intent, or will they just slink away knowing this action would be a very expensive waste of time and money..

    1. As you rightly say Provectus has still not issued a statement following HM Planning Inspectorate’s decision to refuse planning permission. They have 6 weeks in which to submit a challenge to the High Court, so next Monday is their deadline. We’ll push them for a statement of their intentions after that.

      1. Updates are provided at Provectus’ Hilltop Project website. The intent is to see what outcome the pending High Court action in May against DCC has and then we will consider options available to us. We are in no doubt that the way in which the Inspectorate gave weighting to possible noise impacts whilst choosing to ignore expert opinion was inappropriate.

  3. When it’s not on your doorstep or over your garden fence, but a bit further away, it’s so easy to overlook the significance and horror of a proposal such as this. To my shame I only became properly conscious quite late in the process of the ugly, uncompensated disaster it would be, not only for a few residents whose gardens backed onto the Hilltop fields but for all of us in the wider locality, and for the wider environment too. I was too late and too slow to get properly involved in the fantastic opposition which has been so important in halting it.

    Now that this victory has been achieved I realise that I and many, many others have a great debt of gratitude to John and the others who have kept on battling for years against the abomination which would turn so much green space so close to our communities into a filthy, noisy wasteland, for many more years to come, for no better motive than financial greed.

    Every time I go along the A61 or into Clay Cross I will remember that but for the heroic efforts of John and his tiny band I could be going through a cloud of poisonous black dust to the drone and crash of a fleet of heavy trucks and machinery. Walking down the road or in my garden, I will rejoice in the freedom from the incessant noise, the crash and boom of that machinery continuously filling the air across much of our neighbourhood.

    I hope I and everyone else never forget this example that proves the importance and value of standing up to the powerful and greedy, and that that fight for quality of life can be won, in the face of that power and greed.

    Thanks and well done, Hilltop Action Group!

  4. I moved to Old Tupton 2 years ago and only found out about this application recently.

    This is fantastic news but is there a chance that this decision could be appealed? I moved from an area where a similar argument rumbled on for years regarding housing. Granted that housing and mining are different things, but the decision was finally granted due to a supposed lack of housing in the area. My point is, are we out of the woods yet?

    1. This weeks decision is the result of an appeal to H.M. Planning Inspectorate so that route is now exhausted.

      The letter that Provectus received on Monday from the Inspectorate states:
      “The Planning Inspectorate cannot change or revoke the outcome in the attached decision. If you want to alter the outcome you should consider obtaining legal advice as only the High Court can quash this decision.”

      It would, therefore, appear that their only course of action is a High Court challenge.

      On Monday both Radio Derby and Radio Sheffield contacted Provectus for a statement. Their response was that it was to early for them to have decided their next move. However they intimated that they may be ready to make a statement by this Friday.

      Hopefully H.M. Planning Inspectorate’s decision to refuse planning permission is the end of the matter but we await Provectus’ next move with bated breath.

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