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Proposed Surface Coal Extraction

Key Facts

The proposed surface coal mining scheme encompasses an area of approximately 30 hectares (75 acres) of land west of the A61 and would involve the excavation of an estimated 175,000 tonnes of coal over a 30 month period.

The entire scheme would run for a little over three years, starting with soil stripping and construction of noise bunds to completion of restoration to a high agricultural standard.

Works of extraction and restoration would take place progressively in individual phases of no more than six months working from south to north. There would be no blasting at any stage on the site.

Viability and Benefit

As yet there is no planning application, and we will not proceed unless we can demonstrate that it can be undertaken within strict environmental parameters, in particular relating to noise, dust and nuisance.

We have obtained a formal Scoping Opinion from Derbyshire County Council, which sets out the range of environmental issues a planning application submission would need to consider. In line with the Scoping Opinion, Provectus is getting underway a suite of environmental assessment work with the assistance of a team of consultants, with a view to assessing the environmental acceptability of the scheme. Only if the environmental work demonstrates that the site can be worked in an environmentally acceptable manner, would a Planning Application and Environmental Statement be submitted to the County Council.

Additionally, we shall not deem any scheme to be viable unless it can be demonstrated that tangible community benefits will flow from its implementation.

Some of the land in question has been opencast mined in the past and, due to lack of proper restoration, is currently in poor condition from an agricultural viewpoint while drainage is an issue in some areas. It would be our intention, should surface mining take place on all or some of the area, to restore it to high grade agricultural use, with enhanced biodiversity, better landscaping and public access and improved drainage.

Cultural Heritage

We would also pay particular attention to the cultural heritage of the site including the remains of the Ashover Light Railway and we are discussing with North East Derbyshire District Council (NEDDC) its aspirations for potential community benefits.


We are all keenly aware of the need to find more resources to supply our energy needs in this country and surface coal mining is a key element in that strategy.


We have no interest in developing the land for housing or future industrial use.


We must stress that a planning application would only be lodged if our investigations prove that we can meet rigorous environmental parameters set out by the Authorities.

We are committed to keeping residents and community leaders abreast of any developments as they occur.

Whilst it is anticipated that the investigation process will continue into Summer 2012, a Public Exhibition will be held in late May to ensure that as many local people as possible have the chance of voicing their opinions on the scheme.

10am – 7pm Friday 25 May 2012      Clay Cross Social Centre

10am – 7pm Saturday 26 May 2012  Holmgate Community Centre

Further information

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Covering letter

Provectus Remediation Limited Lawrence House Meadow Bank Way Eastwood Nottingham NG16 3SB T: 01902 623500 F: 01902 623510 E:

Dear Resident

Proposer Surface Coal Extraction

My name is Bryn Hopkinson and I work with Provectus Remediation Limited who have been engaged by a group of local farmers and landowners to conduct an evaluation of a surface coal mining scheme at a site to the west of the A61 to the north of Clay Cross. A plan of the site is shown edged in red overleaf.

As you are likely to have an interest in any scheme that may, in the future, be sanctioned, I would like to ensure from the outset you have up to date and accurate information about developments and a direct line of communication to me and the team. With this aim in mind this document sets out for you the position so far.

I would stress that a planning application would only be lodges if our investigations prove that rigorous environmental parameters set out by the Authorities can be met. We are committed to keeping residents and community leaders abreast of any developments as they occur.

This document contains a summary of the proposal as it currently stands.

If you would like to know more at this stage you can contact either me, or my colleague, Steve Langford on 01245 505600.

Yours faithfully

Bryn Hopkinson


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