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  1. Well, according to the information sheet dropped through my letter box today, Provectus have at last decided to go ahead and put in a planning application. I wonder if they will follow the rules and put up plenty of notices around the area to let people know so we can put in objections, or if we’ll just have to keep scanning the local paper and council website?

    1. Dear Ms Hounsome,
      I refer to your comment timed at 1.28pm on 8th September.
      It is the responsibility of Derbyshire County Council as the local planning authority to put up notices confirming the submission of the application and the address[es] for communication concerning the same. I have no doubt that the Council will follow the rules.
      Bryn Hopkinson

  2. Just had a newsletter posted through the door, the date on the newsletter is July 2014 but great that residents haven’t received it until September 2014. Have provectus submitted the planning application already ? Obviously not much movement on this site for a few months and just wondered what our next steps are as residents to ensure this application doesn’t get granted.

  3. Its now confirmed the UK govenment will not reach its promiced 2010 air contamination reduction targets until 2025, and are now forced to admit that air polution in the UK is now responcable for the deaths of more than 29000 per year.. thats more than obesity and alcohol combined, and 10 times more than those killed on our roads each year. ( statistics confirmed by DAFRA and a scathing govenment report from its own Committee for Medical Effects on air pollution in 2014 ) .
    So having failed on this they can now say . We are closing all the deep mine coal pits in the UK to help the reduction in air pollution . while at the same time hide the fact that NEW and OLD working outcrop coal sites will in 2014 produce more air pollution than these deep mine extractions .. and tried to close its hundreds of air pollution monituring stations in the UK, because they could confirm it .
    ( just a note for those who may think this information is just another scaremongering rant.. take a look at the European Commission directives 2013 that warn of legal action against our govenments RED or BLUE !! on this issue, that if they do not improve their care of our enviroment this action will become effective . )
    So if this outcrop application to outcrop coal from the Hilltop site is presented to the DCC planning office ( this year or in the future !!! ) we must all remember it will greatly increace the dangers of pollution we get already get from elsewhere, the truth is we must reject this thoughtless plan, when if ever the time comes to do so, by way of objection to the DCC planning office .

  4. I wonder whether the imminent closure of the two last deep mines may make a difference? When they discussed it on the local news, they were saying the price they get for coal has fallen now from £80 a tonne to only £40…if this is the case, surely by the time they’ve gone to all the trouble of getting whatever there is out of the ground at Hilltop they won’t even make a profit, so what on earth is the point? I agree with Lisa, keeping us hanging like this is unfair to say the least, I already know of two people who have lost house sales because of the threat of development…will they get compensated? Will they heck!

  5. So clearly, good old Bryn Hopkinson and the rest of the ‘team’ at Provectus still can’t get themselves straight and still are clearly spreading a whole load of misery and lies. How the hell can this pre-application process take so long? Oh I know it’s because they think the longer they take the more people will lose interest in it all and to them its a waiting game. Time after time after time they have made promises that the residents of Clay Cross, Tupton and Holmgate ‘that we will know in 6 months’. Is that the best Provectus can do? They can only issue out false promises? Oh but hang on, the delays are in the public interest because they have to do this survey and that survey and it’s all the weathers fault. It’s absolutely pathetic and to think that the residents have this hanging over them, upsetting the elderly as they don’t know what’s going on, to think that this is still dragging down house prices because once a proposal has been proposed it could detract potential buyers on property sales and rentals. I’m sure the community can’t wait for its benefits, maybe that will be delayed as well! I’m sure the residents could face delays of upto 2 years or longer because of excuses like the weather or road surfaces. Hmmm I’m sure everyone can’t wait for a display centre off a busy main ‘A’ road or the kids can’t wait for an old steam train to carve up Kenning Park where they play football. Clearly the delays with respect to the open casting are all in the public interest!!

  6. Once again we see what can happen when our enviroment is neglected, the terrible floodings in the south are without contradiction a direct result of what can happen when govenments, and its authorities ignore the warnings of its own advisory experts on climate change caused by fossil fuel contamination. The sad truth is we are yet to see underneath all that water, all plant, crops, trees, hedgerows, and wildlife that once thrived there has now been lost for a very long time to come. As in the case of air pollution, the warnings by the experts have still yet to be recognised as a reality when our authorities still allow many enviromental and health damaging out crop mining undertakings to go on.
    Yet here we are facing the possiblity of ripping up our local famland for the excavation of even more fossil fuel, that will create even more climate change, that if allowed will accelerate the increace in our polluted air. The plan to gain acceptence for an outcrop on Hilltop farm should not be tolerated or accepted by our govenments, local authorities, or from those who propose it .

    1. Re Provetus saying they could not get onto the northernmost field to carry out their geophysical investigations during the Autumn and early Winter of 2013. The farmer/contractor managed it!
      I have lived in the area and overlooked that field for nearly 48 years and there used to be a ditch running across the top corner to carry the water of an underground stream as it rises to the surface. When the two large water pipes were installed this ditch was dug up and never reinstated. Unfortunately the landowner obviously didn’t insist on it and neither did he do the work for himself. A big mistake as this is what is contributing to the waterlogged situation now and in the past. Isn’t it strange how one industry can create havoc, which enables another to come along and claim to be able to put everything right if they can first create even more chaos?! Is there any wonder Britain is in the mess it is?

  7. I am wondering when it will dawn on the farmers who engaged Provectus to promote this ill thought out mining application , will one day discover that while ever they are being paid to go on with this lost cause, they will ..

    1. Actually George I am wondering when “our farmers” will realise that, gradually, all they will do is lose the goodwill the local community has had for them in the past if they go ahead with this scheme. How can they expect us to continue to buy their produce when their proposed plans clearly demonstrate their complete lack of respect for us and our environment.

  8. Re Further Delays

    I take it that this further delay has nothing to do with two things. Firstly that since January 2013 the cost of importing coal into the UK has fallen by 20%. Secondly that LAON has just published well founded estimates that the amount of coal we are due to burn in power stations is due to fall from c 53m tonnes in 2013 to c15.5m tonnes in 2020 – a fall of 70%. The latter item of information comes from a LAON research document ‘Assessing the Need for Coal’, free to download from;


    This research forms part of our ‘Make Coal A ‘Special Case’ Campaign which LAON launched earlier this week. You can read about this here ‘Plea to ‘Make Coal a ‘special Case’ @


    Steve Leary, Co-ordinator, The Loose Anti Opencast Network

  9. Funny…they said definitely by the end of the year, well we are nearly half way through January now, I wonder which year exactly they meant?

  10. I completely agree with George Stevenson’s comments. If allowed to go ahead this outcrop mining goes against everything that the local council and the district council have, for some time, maintained they want to achieve for this area and it does beg the question, ‘what is really behind this application?’ Who knows where money is involved.

  11. So we now have confirmation that they entend to apply for outcrop mining on the A61 site, this frankly just shows the contempt they have for all who live in the area, they have chosen to igrore the proven health dangers, lie about the enviromental distruction of green belt land, put at risk everyones property value, create unavoidable noise dust and dirt polution for years to come, and put an end to the areas green walk ways and wildlife habitats.
    We proved there is now no economic value in coal production, the need for coal has now gone, govenments are now comitted to make our air cleaner by ending fossil fuel burning. so what are they applying for …coal extraction that will lose them money !! or a very valuable hole to fill in with what ever pays best ?….or could this be the start of land preperation for industrial development. What ever it is, one thing we can be sure of is its about making …Money !!… not milk …not for me or you . but big Money for them…in truth of this situation is, if this planning get aproval, we who live in this area once again will get the muck…… but not the Money.

  12. Well folks Provectus will be going ahead with a Planning Application for coal extraction at Hilltop. They intend to submit the Application to Derbyshire County Council before the end of the year. No surprises there.
    Look on there website to see this latest document for yourselves.

    1. What a shame. I thought the powers that be had seen sense and decided not to go ahead with such an outrageous scheme. I call them ‘powers that be’ because to refer to them as landowners or farmers is obviously not the correct term. The definition of a farmer is ‘caretaker of the land’. This proposal will not take care of the land – it will devastate it.
      Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out just how much these landowners have received in handouts from the EU to farm the land sympathetically and efficiently, all for nothing if this proposal goes ahead.

  13. Prior to seeing the update from Provectus of this afternoon, I telephoned their ‘hotline’ requesting an update. I gave my name to the lady and my mobile and that was all. I was assured that someone would call me back. Instead I get an email from Bryn Hopkinson advising an update had today been posted. Given that I did not leave my email address, and had personally only sent an email to them at the very start of the project, why then are they keeping my details on file? Is that legal? Or are they keeping the details of anyone who has made any kind of query. When I rang the ‘hotline’ to complain, it was answered by someone who sounded like they really couldn’t give a damn about my complaint and informed me that he wasn’t even working on the project and there was no one in the office who was. That’s how much Provectus care about the local residents!!!

  14. I was very pleased to see on TV’s East Midlands news that the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust has recruted more that 50 Notts farmers to help in the feed the wildlife campain, . the idea is NWT provide the feed shelters in the farms hedgerows and the fields, and the farmer provides the food to put in them. In comparison we have a local farmer who wants to uproot his hedgerows and fields and start outcroping for coal, and by it obliterate the wildlife on it !! . lets see if the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust offer him feedshelters !!

  15. The other day Tupton Hall School were holding their sports day. Nothing wrong with that, it actually sounded good fun for all the kids! What surprised me was that I could hear the people talking over the microphone to all of the students from Russell Gardens in Old Tupton. What concerns me is that if I can hear the school from Old Tupton then what will they hear if this opencast goes ahead. However, why the hell should Provectus care? Especially when they’re supposed local office is in Nottingham, oh and the main office is in Chelmsford! So when will Provectus be contacting the residents next to confirm what the current situation is? Then it will be down to us (the local residents) to read between the lines as to what is fact and what is fiction. Myself and my family won’t be going away not while you’re holding this proposal over our heads and we will fight this all the way. I am certainly looking forward to more spouting about the benefits that we all supposedly want. Especially the ashover light railway chucking out even more soot and rubbish into the atmosphere at Kenning Park where I walk my dog with my family. Can’t get enough of this wonderful clean air at the moment Mr Hopkinson because when you’re finished with us we’ll be finished off. I also want Provectus to know that I am going to make a formal complaint to Natascha Engel and the head of the planning department at Derbyshire County Council with the length of time this is hanging over our heads because I am truly fed up with it all. It is offensive that Provectus can’t even be bothered ocal residents to keep us updated with the current situation.

    1. Well, Provectus have been in touch with the Derbyshire County Council, the Mineral Planning Authority, to present their proposals prior to the actual Planning Application being submitted. Apparently this has encouraged Provectus to engage with the D.C.C. and the local community. Interesting to note the use of the singular and not the plural!

      Indeed in their January 2013 Newsletter, Provectus again only mention Holmgate and the Holmgate Tenants and Residents! What about the other communities surrounding this monstrous proposal? If it is allowed to go ahead is it only Holmgate who might see some community benefits? How are the other communities going to be compensated/bribed? Or are Provectus only going to rape and pillage the land at that end of the site and leave the rest of us alone?

      Indeed, if Provectus has been in touch with any other community group it would be interesting to hear from them.

      Regarding the possible restoration of the site afterwards. If this “blot on the landscape” is allowed to go ahead, don’t depend on it. A restoration bond is no guarantee. Don’t believe me! Then take a look at the Scottish Coal fiasco.

      Come on Provectus. Engage with the communities (plural). That doesn’t mean putting the occasional update on your website. What about those who haven’t got access to a computer?

      PROVECTUS. Don’t say one thing and do another. It doesn’t reflect well on you.

      1. Mrs Ainsworth,
        On 3rd August 2012 you represented HAG at a meeting chaired by Natascha Engel MP. You were accompanied by other members of your group. I attended with collegues from Provectus . Rob Murfin of the MPA was also present. At that meeting you were specifically asked if your group would wish to participate in discussions on the community benefits which might flow from the project. Those discussions would take place without reference to the merits or demerits of any planning application . Your group refused to participate in any such discussions.
        This does not sit well with your posting of 29th July and we need to have the record straight.
        Bryn Hopkinson

      2. Mr Hopkinson,
        Members of HAG did not want to discuss community benefits with you. However,
        Holmgate Tenants and Residents and HAG are not the only community groups in the area! You’re not trying very hard, are you?
        J A Ainsworth.

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