More documents, more consultation!

Determination meeting some way off yet

During the last few months the Planning Authority have requested further information from Provectus and whilst waiting for them to respond progress stalled.

Provectus recently responded and the Planning Authority have now put up site notices announcing a further 3 week consultation period (ending 2 September 2016).

The request for further information covered:

  • matters relating to the need for the development with respects to the current market need for coal extraction and also the potential impacts that coal extraction may have in relation to attracting inward investment into Clay Cross and the subsequent delivery of the Clay Cross Regeneration Framework.
  • a Regulation 22 request covering matters relating to Flood Risk and potential impacts on Network Rail’s Assets.

The following are links to the new documents recently submitted by Provectus Remediation Ltd:

Application Document Supp 2016 07 28 Reg 22 Response

Application Document sup 2016 07 01 Hilltop Farm FRA Final Report

Application Document sup 2016 07 27 Further Info Letter 02 CM4-1215-125

Application Document sup 2016 06 29 Regeneration Response v2 02 CM4-1215-125

Application Document sup 2016 07 26 Network Rail – cons response CM4-1215-125

Hilltop Action Group will be submitting comments on these new documents in the next few weeks.