Analysis of application documents reveals errors

Careful scrutiny of the documents submitted by Provectus Remediation Ltd has revealed many errors and inconsistencies.

The Minerals Application Form, which is supposed to give an overview of the application, has obviously not been checked very thoroughly by the applicant.

Taken at face value, it implies that they intend to dig a hole zero metres deep to extract nothing! This will be done with a fleet of heavy plant which will not need refuelling during the three and a half years of operations!

This last point is the most worrying. They state that they will not be bringing any hazardous materials onto the site and will not be taking any measures to prevent the spillage or seepage of fuel oils during delivery, storage and handling on site.

The form is supposed to be a stand alone summary document but instead of extracting relevant details they merely direct the reader to the documents. This leaves the reader having to wade through hundreds of pages to find the necessary information, defeating the purpose of the form to give an accurate overview of the application.

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