Surveys completed?

It appears that the last of the Geophysical site surveys was carried out today (Thursday 13 February 2014) by Phase Site Investigations in the northern most field of the Hilltop site.

Does this mean that at long last Provectus Remediation Ltd have completed all their investigations and might actually get around to submitting a planning application to Derbyshire County Council? Its taken them over two years from when they carried out the unauthorised test bores on the site!

They should have been aware that a geophysical site survey was required as part of the site assessment from the beginning. They have had two summers of decent weather to carry it out but they choose to do it in the middle of the worst and wettest weather in over two hundred years. Worrying incompetence.

If this is the way in which they have managed the preparation of the rest of the planning application we have little to fear.