Further delays!

Provectus Remediation Ltd issued yet another statement on 15 January 2014 giving yet more excuses for delaying the submission of their planning application for the Hilltop Opencast Mining  scheme.

Their statement reads:

CLAY CROSS STATEMENT -15th January 2014

Planning Application

On 30th September 2013 we announced that we would be submitting a planning application to the MPA at Derbyshire County Council for the Hilltop Project by the end of 2013.

In line with our promise to keep all local residents and stakeholders informed we have an update today.

In recent discussions over the Clay Cross 2025 Regeneration Action Plan [produced by NEDDC] it became apparent that there was a small but significant detail which would enable us to add considerably to the community benefits flowing from the Project in the longer term when remediation takes place. In accordance with this we have to make a small amendment to the application which is the principal reason for the delay.

Additionally, we have still been unable to complete the geophysical investigation of the northernmost field because it was throughout Autumn and early Winter 2013, and it remains, too wet. Improved drainage of this part of the site will be a significant farming benefit resulting from the restoration process.

However, the planning application proceeds and we shall continue to keep all concerned informed as to progress.

Surely it shouldn’t have taken nearly two years to realise that a geophysical investigation would be a necessary part of the planning submission. Any half-competent developer would have got on and done this in good weather last summer or even the summer before! I wonder what else they’ve forgotten to do – check that there is any coal there? No they did that but forgot to get the necessary licence first.

As for Community Benefits will they never understand that opencast mining with its noise, dust and disruption can never be a benefit to local communities. All they can hope to do is proffer sweeteners or bribes in the hope of  limiting local opposition. Remember all they are offering is less than 1% of revenue (about 50p per tonne) but the pressure is on for fracking companies to pay 10% to local communities. We’ll fight for the same.

(Trying to find out what the ‘small but significant detail’ is in the Clay Cross 2025 Regeneration Action Plan which would allow them ‘to to add considerably to the community benefits’.)