Provectus to submit planning application – but not quite yet

Provectus quietly slipped the following statement onto their website on 1 October 2013:

´┐╝Hilltop Planning Application to go ahead

At a meeting last week with the landowners and their representatives it was reported that while the task of assessing the mass of data produced in the course of the pre-application process was not 100% complete, sufficient work had been done to support the recommendation that an application for consent for the surface mining project should proceed.

That recommendation was unanimously accepted.

Accordingly, planning consultants working on behalf of Provectus Remediation Limited have been instructed to commence work on the preparation of the formal application with a view to submitting this to the MPA as soon as reasonably practicable and certainly prior to the end of the 2013 calendar year. Further details will follow.


Just remember, they naively said they were going to submit a planning application in Autumn 2012 and start work in Spring 2013! Anyone with an ounce of intelligence could have told them that preparing the necessary Environmental Impact Assessment would take them at least a year. From the very start the Hilltop Project has been a catalogue of incompetent blunders by Provectus:

  • drilling test bores without obtaining the necessary licence from the Coal Authority
  • submitting plagiarised documents to the Mineral Planning Authority when requesting a Scoping Opinion
  • upstaged at their Public Exhibition by our well organised and supported protest group
  • paying a local estate agent to write an article in their newsletter and presenting it as unbiased opinion.

So, it looks like another couple of months waiting before we get to see their final submission – I’m sure it will be significantly different to the original proposal. Once the plans are submitted Hilltop Action Group will┬ápublicise their location on the Derbyshire County Council planning website. We will also organise public meetings to:

  • explain the proposals
  • explain the planning process and timescale
  • share with you the objections we are submitting
  • encourage you to submit your own objections.

This is unlikely to happen until early in 2014. Provectus might have struggled to to put their planning application together but that will have been a minor trial compared to the battle they now have on their hands.

We’re ready.