New Provectus Newsletter

Just 5 days before the Protest March and Provectus send out their second newsletter!


Latest:We have been informed that Neil Hunt BSc FRICS, Managing Director of Wilkins Vardy Residential Limited, was paid by Provectus for his article on page 2 of the newsletter. In his own words: “As a practising professional, all my work is subject to payment”.

The production looks a lot more professional than their last one and wouldn’t have come cheap.Pity they didn’t manage to get a photo of their own fields for the front page – Mr Marriott has never had cattle like these.

The headline quotation on the newsletter is rather worrying:

I don’t like threats!

“I am a farmer not a property developer and would much rather continue to farm this ground than see it turned into an industrial estate” Roger Marriott,farmer
That sounds pretty much like a threat to me. A simple choice – open cast mine or industrial site.

The rest of the newsletter is fairly predictable.

The same tired old apologies for community benefits. I have yet to meet anyone (and I have spoken to hundreds of local residents in the last few months) who considers any of these to be adequate compensation for open cast mining on their doorstep. It will be interesting to see who they invite onto their local residents committee to make the final choice.

An interesting back page. It looks as if one of the 12 jobs has already gone as I guess the interviewee is already on their payroll.

[We have now been informed by Provectus that Mr Bull was not paid for his contribution or offered any other form of inducement.]

As for their invitation to ‘Have your say’, I’ve been on their website and it’s not been updated for months. The only way to contact them is via the phone number or email address given on the website (the same as on the newsletter). There is no on-line contact form and certainly no public forum.


Checked their website again this morning (Tuesday 18 September) and they have now updated it. New logo, new pictures (this time they look like local cows) and new download files.

Their latest newsletter is there, so anyone who has not received one through their letterbox can have a read.

The latest Provectus Press Release is also there for anyone to read. Content as expected – just a re-wording of the newsletter but strangely it has an embargo until 20 September! What’s the point when they have already put it in the public domain? I’ve just been talking to the local press and they too thought it ridiculous.

Don’t forget, you can use the Have your say page to let everyone know your views about the open cast mining proposal.