Derbyshire Times & Provectus Exhibitions

We’re in the Derbyshire Times again. Click here to read the article.

In the article Bryn Hopkinson, consultant to Provectus who are planning the three-year extraction on the land, owned by Hilltop Farm, said:

“We mailed about 2000 people about our plans and we are really hoping that all of those that can, whether in favour or against, will come along to our public exhibitions to join in the discussion about the way forward, particularly the community benefits. And don’t forget, this will create jobs.”

So, lets all turn up and see how much of a discussion he is prepared to have.

I wonder what ‘community benefits‘ he has in mind that will compensate us for at least three years of noise, dust, pollution, damage to health, destruction of the landscape, damage to wildlife, increased HGV traffic and loss in value of our homes.

It will also be interesting to see how many jobs he thinks it will create.

After you’ve been to the exhibition post your thoughts about what he has to say on the Have your say page.