New Provectus statement

I see that Mr Hopkinson of Provectus has added a new statement to their website. Notice it is no longer called a blog as he is not prepared to accept open comment and discussion! Once again we appear to be calling the tune – everything is a reaction to what we are saying – there is nothing new from Provectus.

In his piece, Mr Hopkinson uses the phrase ‘…allegedly contained within the formal Provectus proposal to Derbyshire County Council…’ when referring to the words ‘proposed extension’ and ‘proposed extension area’ which I had quoted. There is nothing ‘alleged’ about them – they are there in black and white in the Provectus documents. I agree they appear to make no sense but this is due to his mistake not mine. As Provectus have submitted erroneous documents then it is up to them to sort it out with the planning authority.

Interestingly Mr Hopkinson seems to make rather a lot of sloppy mistakes. When he contacted me via the website on 3 May he correctly referred to me as Mr Gregory, yesterday for some unknown reason he called me Mr Garrett!

Good to know that the other two sites he has his eyes on are not around here, but not so sure the folks in Nottinghamshire will be as happy.

He goes on to address the concerns we have voiced on the flyer for tonight’s meeting. I will respond to his comments as follows:

  1. Noise – any noise produced by the Hilltop Opencast Project is more noise regardless of statutory limits. We like the peace and quiet.
  2. Landfill/Waste Disposal – they’re taking 175,000 tonnes of coal out, so they must be going to bring 175,000 tonnes of something back in or leave a big hole.
  3. House values – Nominal house values will probably not be greatly affected but they will be unsalable. Anyone who wants or needs to move in the next 5 or 6 years will find it very difficult without drastically reducing their selling price. As for an enhanced green environment, I find that very hard to believe. We all know that the contours of land reclaimed after opencasting are never natural but usually flat and featureless. Hedgerows may be replaced but will take many years to mature. Large trees, like the ones that will have to be removed to make way for the coal processing area, will take nigh on a hundred years to mature. Wild life will be driven away by the noise and dust and take many years to return.
  4. Traffic – The A61 is a major concern as this is regularly congested through Clay Cross. All lorries will use the Royal Oak roundabout which is a busy crossing point for pupils going to and from Tupton Hall School. We have yet to hear where the lorries will go having reached the Royal Oak roundabout. Indeed the Scoping Opinion in response to the Provectus proposal states ‘The Highway Authority considers the details of the proposed lorry routing to be inaccurate.’ 10 vehicle movements a day? One Provectus document gives a maximum of 20 loads per day. That’s 20 in and 20 out plus a matching number at some time to refill the hole – I make that 80.
  5. Dust/Pollution – as with noise, any dust or pollution produced by the Hilltop Opencast Project is more dust and pollution regardless of statutory limits. Talk to anyone who has lived near to an opencast site and they will tell you that despite regulations and monitoring dust and pollution is horrendous.


2 thoughts on “New Provectus statement”

  1. Hi, I am a concerned resident living on Ashton Gardens and was at the meeting last night with my 12 year old daughter. Like all the people in attendance, we are strongly opposed to these plans and would like to assist in any way we can to get the message across. I agreed with the young lady who noted that he vast contingent of people who were at the meeting were “grown ups” and that there is definitely a need to engage people of all ages in the campaign. My daughter is a student at Tupton Hall School and is going to try and spread the word amongst her peers. I hope you don’t mind, but she has set a Twitter feed up in the name @stophilltop which people are welcome to follow and share with their friends. At the moment, we have just posted links to the main parts of the blog site but are happy to convey any messages that the committee would like to put across. She is also planning on setting up a Facebook page later today to encourage support. We feel that these social networking methods are an ideal way to engage with the younger generation. I hope you agree and if there is anything else we can do to help, please ask.

  2. I feel sorry for anyone who has their house for sale now. Regardless of the outcome it will be very difficult to sell any properties at the moment. After a walk the other night I counted 10 properties for sale in a 1 mile radius. If each house is worth only £150,000 that is £1.5 million out of the local economy. Hopefully will see you tonight.

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