Jigsaw puzzle

Just trying to piece things together but I’m sure the jigsaw’s got some bits missing!

I found a Birmingham Post article about Bryn Hopkinson from earlier this year. It has some interesting stuff about his relationship with various companies involved in the redevelopment of Clay Cross in recent years. However at the end of the article it states:

Mr Hopkinson has since entered into a partnership with Provectus Remediation to pursue projects involving surface mineral extraction, remediation and restoration. Four sites are presently under consideration, three in the East Midlands and one in Wales.

We know where one of these is but where are the other two in the East Midlands?

Also, there are some interesting bits, that I have only just noticed, in the proposal Provectus submitted to Derbyshire County Council when requesting the Scoping Opinion.

4.15 Published information on soils and land quality would be referred to and a detailed soil and ALC survey would be carried out over all of the agricultural land likely to be affected by the proposed extension….


4.17 This section of the ES would describe the baseline hydrogeological characteristics of the proposed extension area and consider the potential impact of the proposed operations.

PROPOSED EXTENSION mentioned twice!!

Two other sites in the East Midlands and a ‘proposed extension’. I fear there is something here we are not being told about.


4 thoughts on “Jigsaw puzzle”

  1. Furthermore John their meetings are nothing of the sort, how can you have a “meeting” from 10am until 7pm its going to be them telling us what they propose to do by way of an “exhibition” and I think their attitude is going to be “you can like it or lump it”
    I am just very pleased that the environmentalist/no-to-new coal activists have taken an interest in this NVDA would force Provectus sit up and take notice.

  2. I wonder will there be people from Provectus at fridays meeting its the sort of thing they would do so as to later use the info gained against the cause anyone not recognised should be questioned as to why they are there!!

    1. I’m sure Provectus will be keeping an eye on us on Friday but I can’t see any point in worrying about it.

      They are already following every post and comment on this website so know that there is growing opposition to the open cast mining plans.

      We’re going to their show so let them come to ours.

      1. But they have the council and landowners on their side and and in their pockets they are playing with an unfair advantage!

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