Who is behind the scheme?

The letter in the Provectus newsletter states:

“…Provectus Remidation Limited who have been engaged by a group of local farmers and landowners…”

So far we have not seen anything about these local farmers and landowners who are behind the Hilltop Open Cast Mining scheme.

It’s time we knew who they are. To the best of my knowledge there are 3 of them:

  1. The owner of Hilltop Farm. I don’t know who he is. Does anyone?
  2. Most of the fields are farmed, and I assume owned, by the Marriotts of Woodthorpe Grange Farm on Ashover Road (that’s the one with the milk vending machines at the farm entrance).
  3. The farmer/owner of the northern most field (behind Ashover Road). I don’t have a name. Does anyone know who it is?

Please post a reply if you can correct or update this information.


2 thoughts on “Who is behind the scheme?”

  1. Provectus have been kind enough to let us know who these farmers are. They are Roger Marriott, Pat Heston and John Brown. Look on the Provectus website in Blog 1. Their names are there.

  2. If you put “farms near Clay Cross” into Google, it shows all the farms nearby….I suppose you could phone the most likely looking with some tale about a break in the fence or something, to see if it’s theirs?

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