Provectus website

At last Provectus have got around to putting something on their website – not much and nothing we didn’t already know about!


3 thoughts on “Provectus website”

  1. John – not sure if I am in the right place to voice my opinion but living in Harewood Crescent I am not really affected by the plans directly but I really sympathise with people who are and I agree with one comment that we should be forming an Action Group. Our area has already had and still is having all the smells from the Avenue site as well as all the changes that have taken place in Clay Cross. Enough is enough – leave us alone Provectus!

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but on Harewood Crescent you will only be between 300m and 500m from the proposed coal processing area. This is likely to be the noisiest and dustiest part of the site for at least three years. I am afraid you may be effected more than you think.

      1. All I meant was that it will not be directly at the bottom of my garden unlike the residents who will back onto the proposed site, but I want to give any groups or committees my full support. Of course it will affect everyone living in this area as well as the wildlife and ancient hedgrows that will go.

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