Provectus and farmers in for a surprise

In their document ‘Request for a Scoping Opinion by Provectus Group Limited’ lodged with Derbyshire County Council they state:

Recently, Provectus have successfully completed a surface coal mining scheme at the former Biwater Works site, off Market Street, Clay Cross (known as the ‘Biwater Scheme’).

The Biwater scheme was successfully completed this Summer by the Company with minimal disturbance to the local community.’

I think they have rather misjudged the situation if they think Hilltop is going to be that easy.

Biwater, along with most other recent open cast mining in the area, has been a matter of reclaiming and restoring unusable brownfield sites to land fit for development. Local residents could see the benefits and were prepared to put up with short term disruption for longer term gain.

The Hilltop proposal is different.

The site is currently perfectly good agricultural land and at best will be the same after open cast in mining is complete. There is no perceivable benefit to the hundreds of residents with properties in the vicinity of the site – just years of misery from noise, dust, disruption to views, loss of wild life…

The only people to benefit are the landowners and farmers who are hoping for a nice boost to their pension pot and improved drainage thrown in for good measure.

I’m pretty sure that none of them live that close to the site – apart maybe from the owner of Hilltop Farm who is going to move out and let the property to be site offices!

The fields are probably classified as Grade 3 Agricultural Land – for many years they have been successfully used for grazing cattle and and arable crops. The farmers have not had problems ploughing, sowing or harvesting crops – some parts may be a bit soggy at times but it’s nothing a few land drains and maintenance of ditches wouldn’t cure. They could pay for that out of their own pockets and save us all the disruption.


4 thoughts on “Provectus and farmers in for a surprise”

  1. It’s public knowledge but to pick out a few points:
    They will be quarrying the site 12hrs a day, 5 days a week.
    Saturday – will be a half day!
    Pumping will continue 24 x 7 x 365 days for an ‘estimated’ 1277 days.
    The blight will last much longer as the fight for and against planning permission and resultant appeals can take years.
    As well as noise, dust and dirt, what about light pollution during the dark winter days? If you think Tupton Hall sports ground chucks out some light….!
    If operational they will be removing 200k tons of coal, more than twice that removed from the Biwater site.
    (How much top soil and waste material will be moved in addition?) What WILL they fill the hole with? Even if not as landfill, SOMETHING wll have to be trucked in won’t it?
    Spoil heaps will overshadow rows of houses, blocking the sun for half the day,
    Gardens will back on to…nothing but a big drop.
    The coal will be processed on site – metres from a residential area, allotments, a childrens playing field, nursery, infant and junior schols at Holmgate and local football fields.
    Lagoons will be sited close to the allotments and playing field, discharging what, into where?
    Public rights of way will be closed – at least for the duration – maybe lost forever?
    The A61 layby will become a lorry park – displacing the small traders that use it.
    20 lorries a day – 40 inward and outward journeys – one lorry every 18 minutes – over 51,000 over 3.5 years.
    These will use the A61, aparently north, to the M1. Why not the new road from the Tesco roundabout to the M1?
    What about the additional works traffic – private cars to and from for the machinery operators, contractors vans, materials deliveries, maintenance vehicles, etc.
    The A61 is an already congested road, exacerbated by the Tesco roundabout – and brought to a standstill when used as an alternative route during M1 closures!
    How will this mesh with the new residential and hotel developments on the Biwater side?
    Who will want to buy property, or stay overnight in a hotel, opposite an open cast mine?
    There’s much more – but I’m sure you can figure all these things out from the plans and documentation.

  2. I agree with everything that has been said. This land should have been opencast before planning permission for building was granted. It is total madness to even consider putting an industrial development in the middle of a residential area! It is pure greed, and a total lack of consideration for the local residents. They, the farmers involved and Provectus, make money at the expense of our environment and our health. One of the farmers sells eggs and milk at the bottom of his drive. He wants us to still purchase these items from him and yet he is treating a good many of his customers in this disgraceful manner!

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