Not much coal…

The 177,000 tonnes of coal they intend to extract from the Hilltop site would keep Radliffe-on-Soar power station (4x500MW power units) going for just two weeks.


3 thoughts on “Not much coal…”

  1. A neighbour of mine who only bought her house less than two years ago was given assurances that there would be no development for housing in the fields behind our houses. She says if it turns out there is, she will be suing everyone she can think of as she would never have bought here if there was even a possibility of it. As for a landfill site…I can’t believe any council would be so insane as to give permission for one so close to residential areas. I listened to your interview on Radio Sheffield on their “listen again” option John…are there any firm plans for a protest meeting yet, I heard you say possibility within the next week?

  2. I agree, but I don’t think this development is about that. I believe it’s about money. After they extract the coal there is the potential for landfill. There is money to be made from a large hole.
    Provectus say they have no plans to develope the site for building later, but what about the farmers? In the teens of years ago I was told that a certain farmers son was looking into the possibility of demolishing the house he lived in on Ashover Rd to gain entry into the Northern most field. The plan was to build.

  3. It hardly seems worth all the effort and disruption just to keep one power station running for two weeks!!

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