How close do you live?

More than half the proposed open cast site boundary fronts directly onto domestic property with little or no separation from it.

There are nearly 1300 dwellings within 500 metres of the site boundary. This includes all the houses on:

  • Ashover Road (up to Coupe Lane)
  • Woolley Close
  • Woodland Grove
  • Hathaway Close
  • Shakespeare Close
  • Russell Gardens
  • Woodland Way
  • Ashton Gardens
  • Cooke Close
  • Oaklea Way
  • Yew Tree Drive
  • Harewood Crescent
  • Winster Close
  • Riber Crescent
  • Sylvan Drive
  • Coupe Lane
  • North Street
  • Meadow Road
  • Ashbourne Avenue
  • Cromford Road
  • Derwent Place
  • Rock Crescent
  • Woodthorpe Avenue
  • West Street
  • Brook Street
  • Woodside Place
  • George Percival Place
  • Stephenson Place
  • Amber Place
  • Valley Road
  • Holmgate Road
  • Peters Avenue
  • Morton Avenue
  • Markham Rise
  • Cannell Close
  • Parkhouse Close
  • Colliers Way
  • High Street, Clay Cross
  • Derby Road
  • Brassington Lane
  • Nethermoor Road (to Methodist Church/Scout Hut entrance)
  • Park Road
  • Station New Road (down to Tupton Hall School entrance)
  • Martins Lane

Approximately two thirds of these properties are actually within 200 metres of the site.

Remember in Scotland and Wales open cast mining cannot be carried out within 500 meters of dwellings. Why should we be disadvantaged for living in England?

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10 thoughts on “How close do you live?”

  1. Would the local library put up posters/pass on the message? For all those that belong to groups – allotment associations, car clubs, cubs, scouts, brownies, guides, fitness groups, gyms, ramblers associations, bird watchers, art and craft groups, night schools, etc. – spread the message. Tell the parents, tell your colleagues. Tell your colleagues at work, in the Care homes, on the Trading Estate, at the petrol pumps and the supermarket checkouts

  2. Contact the PTA’s of local schools. Anyone on those will be interested and more inclined as activists.
    There are horse riders/horse riding schools/stables in the area too.

  3. Ask for one or two reps from each street to canvas their neighbours and attend committee meetings. If you get more – ask them to canvas Clay Cross businesses.
    Is their a Clay Cross Traders association we could contact?
    Local Round Table?
    What would Clay Cross hospital and the local fire brigade think about the impact?
    Local buses and taxis effected by congestion?
    Are the Police allowed to express a view?
    Hotels, guest houses and B&B’s will be impacted. They have asociations…..etc.etc.

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