Public Meetings

The two public meetings on Friday and Saturday were well supported by local residents who came along to find out how they could submit their own objections to the Hilltop Opencasting Scheme.

Local Parish, District and County Councillors expressed their unreserved opposition to the proposals and support for the Hilltop Action Group campaign.

Natascha Engel (MP for NE Derbyshire) has expressed her support for our campaign. She is holding a meeting on Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 7.30pm in Clay Cross Social Centre to tell us why she is against the proposals.

Come along to listen to what she has to say. Hilltop Action Group will be there to give an update on the campaign

Objection – Who will be affected?

We have just submitted another objection.

Nowhere in the application documents does Provectus Remediation Ltd make reference to the size of the local communities that will be affected by their proposal.

We have carried out a careful analysis of the number of residential properties, community facilities and retail/commercial properties within 200m, 500m and 1km of the site.

The results are frightening and show the true scale of the impact that the Provectus Remediation Ltd proposals to opencast the Hilltop site will have on local communities.

You can read the full details of the objection here or by selecting it in the Objections menu.

Don’t forget to use the Have your say page to leave your comments

Public Meetings

Friday 14 November 2014  7.30pm
Holmgate Community Centre

Saturday 15 November 2014  11.00am
Clay Cross Social Centre

(for those who find evening meetings during the week difficult)

 Come along to find out what you can do

We will:

  • discuss the Provectus Opencast Mining proposals
  • explain the planning process and timescale
  • share with you the objections Hilltop Action Group are submitting
  • encourage you to submit your own objections
    (we have until 12 December to get objections in)

If you haven’t already signed up to support the Hilltop Action Group  campaign – do so now. Just click on the link in the panel on the left.

Analysis of application documents reveals errors

Careful scrutiny of the documents submitted by Provectus Remediation Ltd has revealed many errors and inconsistencies.

The Minerals Application Form, which is supposed to give an overview of the application, has obviously not been checked very thoroughly by the applicant.

Taken at face value, it implies that they intend to dig a hole zero metres deep to extract nothing! This will be done with a fleet of heavy plant which will not need refuelling during the three and a half years of operations!

This last point is the most worrying. They state that they will not be bringing any hazardous materials onto the site and will not be taking any measures to prevent the spillage or seepage of fuel oils during delivery, storage and handling on site.

The form is supposed to be a stand alone summary document but instead of extracting relevant details they merely direct the reader to the documents. This leaves the reader having to wade through hundreds of pages to find the necessary information, defeating the purpose of the form to give an accurate overview of the application.

You can read the full details of the objection here or by selecting it in the Objections menu.

Don’t forget to use the Have your say page to leave your comments

First objection submitted

The Hilltop Action Group committee have today submitted the first of many objections to the planning authority.

We have called into question the validity of their noise assessment report which was carried out over two years ago.

You can read the full text of the objection by clicking here.
(Document will open in a new window/tab)

This will appear on the DCC planning website in the list of planning documents.

It will be interesting see to the the Provectus response.

Don’t forget to use the Have your say page to leave your comments

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